Thatching Services: How can we help you?

Thatch Repairs & Emergencies

We can be contacted for a call out during bad weather in case of leaks to stop further damage to the household interior.

Surveys & Quotations

If you would like a free quotation on any work that may need doing or a survey report on any possible future property you may be looking to purchase, please feel free to contact us.


We remove all the old wire and make any repairs to the coat, taking off the remains of the old ridge whilst making sure the base is solid with the right pitch before applying the new ridge

Full Thatch

This service includes removal of the old wire, stripping down of the old thatch where necessary, checking the timbers, sparing down of the base coat and building up of the ridge to make sure of the correct pitch.

When this is done we will then proceed with a new coat of thatch with the depth of around 14 inches and a new ridge of either block cut pattern or flush depending on the customers preference. We then apply a new gauged wire with either lead or cement flashing round the chimney.​